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Get a forward thinking, holistic strategic plan that’s tailor-made to align with your mission and vision.
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A Game Plan That Achieves Critical Company Objectives

Effective strategic planning begins with vision and purpose. My clients are often surprised how extensively I examine the challenge they’re facing.

Root Cause(s)

Are there underlying factors hiding beneath the surface that are causing bigger problems?

Process Mapping

Do all systems and processes function together as one cohesive unit that advances your goals?

Key Players

Have you assessed each team member's personality and skills to ensure their job energizes their effort?


Can any of your current resources be repurposed or reconsidered to fulfill company objectives?

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Wasted Time & Resources

I can empathize and actively listen to everyone in the room because I'm a business owner too.

Counterproductive Activities

Organization and strong people skills turn arguments into constructive conversations.

No Mysterious Charges

With project-based pricing you'll never worry about unexpected invoices from an hourly rate.

From Stagnation To Innovation

Josie, the Executive Director of The Greensboro Housing Coalition (GHC), and her staff were thoroughly overwhelmed when I met them.

GHC assists low-income individuals and families find safe, fair, and affordable housing. But the non-profit had a serious problem.

In 2019 they faced an influx of service requests for home inspections. Low income renters would often find themselves in trouble because they signed leases without understanding their legal rights as renters.

Out of ignorance or malice, landlords were requiring renters to deal with issues like leaky pipes, mold, broken appliances, or applying a fresh coat of paint.

GHC offers free rental property inspections and also advocates for renters in these situations, but they were simply overwhelmed by the volume of requests.

Their solution was to outwork the problem, but it wasn’t working.
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Strategic Planning Success Stories


“When I tell you guys this is huge, it really is. This app could change the whole concept of property management.

Ken Cook Home Inspector

This is massive. This will be the first time that GHC will actually have a product we’ll be known for that serves not only our community, but this goes beyond Greensboro. You guys are helping us overcome some disparities that we’ve been fighting for a long time”

Josie Williams Executive Director

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