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Bringing An App To Life

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After developing a Strategic Plan for the Greensboro Housing Coalition (GHC), it was time to put the plan into action and make a mobile app!

Since Josie, the new Executive Director entered the picture near the end of our Strategic Planning, it was critical we secured her buy-in and support for the project. If she didn’t clearly understand the benefits of the project she would likely (and rightfully) shut it down before it began.

This is where one of my superpowers comes into play.

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Project Management Success Stories


“Jasmine was extremely responsive and proactive in getting needed materials and information to and from the right parties in order to keep the project moving and on-track. I would recommend Jasmine without hesitation – any team would be lucky to have her skill set and expertise.”

Shannon Connor CEO of Kick Learning

“Jasmine has the ability to work through complex projects and develop goal-oriented strategies to successfully complete her projects. She adapts to her surroundings and always puts her best foot forward.”

Shannon Allen, M.S. Manager, Digital Marketing at Center for Creative Leadership

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