Bringing An App To Life

Connecting the high level concept of a project to the intended results requires a special skill. You have to understand the motives of everyone inside and outside the room. It is human nature to correlate risk to any kind of change in an organization – even if the change is necessary for the organization’s growth or survival.

So the first step in the project was translating high level concepts of the apps features and use cases into real world scenarios so all stakeholders could visualize how the app would make all their lives easier. If you feel like your project can’t get off the ground, it’s possible you need to focus on this first step.

Once everyone was on board, we began with step 2: planning.

That involved identifying all the critical resources needed for the project. Since GHC didn’t have any in-house developers, I reached out to local universities in the community to source talent. Some recent grads were willing to accept the real-world industry experience on an actual development project as payment. 

We onboarded the dev team, brainstormed the additional resources they would need, and got everyone aligned to a productive workflow.

The team met on Zoom every other week, and I’m so proud of that fact that we had forward progress on 22 out of 24 meetings! Only twice did we run into obstacles that stopped us from achieving our weekly goals!

Meetings were structured in a fun and engaging way, but also so that everybody knew what they were responsible for at any given moment. I foster a relaxed but productive atmosphere where people are allowed to be people. That’s how I keep energy high.

As a Project Manager I keep a regular pulse on my team. I ask about family issues and other external factors that may be affecting their output on the project. Sometimes people need a break. Other times they need to work harder. In all instances however, I maintain grace and deep appreciation for everyone working on the project.

The Results:

GHC’s new app is anticipated to be a major success. This is still a story in the making! The app is debuting at the National Housing Summit on April 30th, 2021. Josie and the team couldn’t be more excited.


Here’s a fun promo video we made showing off the app’s capabilities:

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