Jasmine Beard, Chief Consultant


A native of Greensboro North Carolina, Jasmine is a single mother who enjoys spending time with her daughter, dancing, traveling and strategizing on how to solve complex issues, achieving challenging goals while helping others in the process. 

Growing up in very humble beginnings, Jasmine has always used her imagination to guide her in accomplishing goals and her wildest dreams. Since a very young age she has found comfort and refuge in using her imagination to escape from the mundane routine of reality. This love of bringing fantasy to real life was Jasmine’s way of minimizing society's control or influence on her destiny.  

Modeled after her mother's own heart, Jasmine’s aspirations – from speaking three foreign languages fluently, traveling the world and being an entrepreneur – have always been rooted in the spirit of ways to enhance and improve the life of others, especially her beloved family members and yet to exist children. 

Growing up with a large family and multiple siblings, Jasmine is no stranger to leadership and diplomacy skills; she is often revered as the go-to sister and voice of reason among her colleagues, friends and family. This sought-after skillset has allowed Jasmine to transcend and excel in leading and influencing others to join her in executing challenging projects and tasks with excitement and perseverance. 

Jasmine’s success can be directly attributed to her tenacity paired with relentless-drive and a positive attitude. She serves in executive board capacities for three different organizations and has over 18 years of experience in project management, customer service and sales. Certifications gained over Jasmine’s career include Six Sigma, Customer Experience, and Language Interpretation and Translation. Her global experience enables her to deeply connect with and understand individuals from various backgrounds and cultures 

Jasmine‘s passion for business, continuous self-development and life-long learning has culminated to push Jasmine toward her next venture in consulting. She has capitalized on every opportunity to learn from a new experience, and coached herself through extremely difficult and traumatizing life experiences. Motivation and principles from life experiences and lessons learned are what have driven Jasmine to share and consult with clients for effective problem-solving and strategizing.

The brand’s name, AJOY Consulting, embodies Jasmine‘s love for enhancing the lives of individuals and businesses, personally and professionally, along with the love of her daughter, Anyah Joy. 

Working with Jasmine in any capacity makes for quite AJOY-ful experience!