Simple solutions to complicated business challenges.

There is an answer to the problems you’re facing. Schedule some time with me and I’ll help you find them.

Simple solutions to complicated business challenges.

There is an answer to the problems you’re facing. Schedule some time with me and I’ll help you find them.

There is an answer to the problems you’re facing. Schedule some time with me and I’ll help you find them.

Consult With AJOY For
Strategic Planning If You Are...


You have a massive project to launch and are confused on where to start.


You struggle with getting high-paced and quality results from your project team.


You have a backlog of projects you need to execute and deliver and lack the resources and talent needed to complete them.

Out Of Time

You have limited time and need an agile team of professionals to execute on a high profile or critical project.

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I Can Remove The
Pressure You're Feeling

I get it. You’re facing a complex problem. Your team has low morale, low engagement, and you’ve got a backlog of projects. Let me help!

I believe you deserve...

A clear plan, where you can see the potential roadblocks and how to avoid them.

Autonomous teams with the right people in the right positions, leveraging their strengths.

AJOYfull work day, where morale is high because projects get done smoothly.

Hi, I’m Jasmine!

My purpose is to enhance the lives of people both personally and professionally.

I do that by leveraging my strengths:

  • Using empathetic listening and imagination to develop creative ideas ​

  • Influential leadership and diplomacy skills gained from international business and travel

  • Ability to visualize the end goal, strategize an approach, and follow through with intentional action

The challenge you’re facing won’t be able to withstand my relentless drive, positive attitude, and tenacity!

My clients receive the added benefit of years spent on the executive boards of multiple companies and organizations, fluency in 4 languages and 18+ years of project management experience, customer service and sales.

If you would like to simplify a complex situation and sift through the noise, while also growing personally in the process, we should talk.

Talent Optimization Certified
40 Under 40
Six Sigma Certified
Small Business of the Year
CX/ CEM Certified



Jasmine is an out-of-the-box thinker and very creative. Her responses to my dilemma immediately put me on the right track. Her ideas were on track with my vision and gave me some different avenues to explore.

Confidential Client Owner

McCauley Creations

Jasmine is an unparalleled professional in everything she does. AJOY Consulting prioritizes its client’s needs, goals, and resources while delivering a quality product and lasting business solutions. A definite recommendation for my network.

Todd McCauley Owner

Illumination by Inward Vine

All experiences with AJOY consulting are worth every moment. I don’t feel rushed when it’s my time with Jasmine- She is always prepared and asks the best questions. When you use the tools that are provided from these services you life will change and your business will GROW.

Chandra Founder


The owner is dedicated to great service. I was guided through a thought process that helped solidify my decision. That was the major benefit I received.

Lionell Spooner Founder

Habitat for Humanity Greater Greensboro Inc.

Great to work with. Jasmine is easy to work with and an amazing facilitator and presenter.

Ruthie Richardson- Robinson COO

Habitat for Humanity Greater Greensboro Inc.

We now understand employees better and enjoy the possible new hire (Predictive Index) tool.

David Kolosieke CEO


How would YOU like to become the next testimonial? 

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These are the steps you’ll take as we begin working together.


Book a free 20 minute consultation.


We'll talk through the challenge you're facing, and the end result you're looking to achieve.


You'll have a project proposal in 3 business days so you can decide if you want my help.

How to Optimize
Your Remote Project Teams

A FREE RESOURCE for anyone who’s struggled with project momentum or ever been so stuck in the details they didn’t know where to start.

Does Your Project Need...

Perspective - what possibilities can we shed a little light on?

Vision - what would project success look like if there were no limitations?

Strength & flexibility - how can we create a solid plan that adapts with reality?

What Can AJOY Do For You?

Innovative Strategic Planning

Strategic plans are centered around you and your customers’ needs. Everything I do is tailor-made to align with your mission and vision.

Agile Project Management

Ensure your team clearly understands the necessary steps leading to a successful project and strong return on investment.

Inspirational Speaking

Audiences enjoy hearing me speak on a spectrum of business and personal development topics. They'll walk away inspired, with actionable tips and advice.